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"I am

a little sensitive plant

I'd like to say more

But I can't."

Mom had to memorize this as a child.

Aileen Davison
Ray and Aileen Davison
Aileen M. Davison
Aileen Davison

"Aunt Kate, Mother, Auntie and Aileen. Vineland APr 17, 1916"

Aileen Merwin Davison 8 months

Red Bank, New Jersey 1938
Aileen Davison
Aileen and Ray Davision

Aunt Sadie's house.

I remember it vaguely from my childhood. I was made to take an nap in the afternoon in athe front right bedroom, in the summertime. There were shiny wooden floors, and the bed had a white chenille cover, and the curtains blew inside the room with a gentle cool breeze. I could hear the adult's murmur outside." 

There was also a barn, which was deemed dangerous for little girls. Perhaps it was. Both Mom and Auntie had accidents involving horses when they were young and I was Not Allowed anywhere near a horse. Auntie's horse ran away with her, right home to the barn, and knocked her off when she met the barndoor lintel. It broke her arm. It was set badly, and she couldn't lift it over her head for the rest of her life, but she managed well, I wasn't aware of it until my 20s.

Mom went away to a place for a while when she was young, and they never really spoke about it. I think I found some photos someplace and did some research and it was a tuberculous farm, maybe in Pennslyvania. It was what they did back then. This photo of Mom looks to be in the same era.

Dad told me how on his first date with Mom there was a cow stampede, coming right for the car, which I imagine to be a long lane with flat fields on either side. He sure didn't know what to do. Mom simply stepped out of the car and stopped the stampe. 

Miss Aileen Davison's wallet 1930

Mom's wallet : 1930

Harold and Aileen Robinson
Ailee Robinson
Aileen Robinson Ruth Davison Maude Robinson Harold Robinson
Harold and Aileen Robinson
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