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Mary S. Cole 1837-1873

Mary S. Coles

my greatgrandmother.


Mary S. Coles

marries 06-19-1872
Jersey City, Hudson County,
New Jersey

Thomas Osborne

What does the S stand for?

I am guessing Susannah, but who knows? JRN

Bible, Joseph and Phobe Coles
Bible: Jacob Vail and Christina B. Coles

I went to Scotch Plains to the Baptist Church to access their records, but the Coles family bible had gone missing. I found these notes on yellow paper on the internet. --- June Robinson

Dennis Coles family bible

Years later, I entered "Coles Family Bible" in a search engine, and this came up. It was for sale. I bought it. --- June Robinson

Page from family documents owned by my mother.

Pencil notes by May Eleanor Osborn Davison (my grandmother) and the ink by Aileen Merwin Davison Robinson (my mother).  --- June Robinson

freat-grand-father William Brown fought under Co. Bambridge, Grandfahter Amos Coes, mother's name Mary Coles
Mary S. Cole

Mary S. Cole

my great grandmother - June 

Bible: Frazee Coles Psalm Book
Amos Coes d April 1846

Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.




WILLIAM COLE lived by Green Brook, on the north side, in Somerset County. His wife was Betsey Dennis. They had children:

1. William, who married Elizabeth Williamson, daughter of William Williamson of Plainfield.

2. James, who married Elizabeth Frazee.

3. Dennis, who died an aged man, unmarried.


4. Mary married Daniel Hand; lived on the top of the First Mountain.

5. Elizabeth, married John Merril, of Staten Island.

6. Phebe, died an aged woman, unmarried.


WILLIAM COLE, (son of William Cole,) was a surveyor and school-master, and was known as “Master Cole.” He and his wife, Elizabeth Williamson, lived where his father did, and had children:

1. Isaac, who went to North Carolina, and there married Betsey Blanchard, and died there.

2. Abigail, who married Jonathan Smith, near Springfield.

3. Joseph married Hannah Paine, daughter of John Paine, of Rahway.

4. Levi, who died at about 33 years, unmarried.

5. Catherine married Samuel Pound, son of Zachariah, of Plainfield.

6. Elias married, 1st, Jemima Tingley, daughter of Jacob Tingley, of Washington Valley; 2d. Mary Mulford, daughter of Cornelius, of Passaic Valley.

7. Elizabeth married Colonel John Allen, son of David, of Washington Valley, and died without children.

8. Phebe married Daniel Shotwell, son of Jacob, of Scotch Plains. [See Shotwell.]


ISAAC COLE, (1st child of Master William Cole,) and Betsey Blanchard, in North Carolina, had children:

1. James, who married _____ , and lived in Newbern, N. Carolina.

2. William, who died at about 8 years.


JOSEPH COLE, (3d child of Master William Cole,) and Hannah Paine, had but one son.

1. Freeman, who was a Justice of the Peace, and a Surveyor; he married Hannah Drake, daughter of Nathaniel, of Plainfield.


ELIAS COLE, (6th child of Master William Cole,) and Jemima Tingley, had children:

1. Levi, who went to South Carolina, and died there at about 23 years.

2. William, who is a Doctor of Physic. He married Kerenhappuc Vail, daughter of Alexander, son of Daniel, Sen., and had children:

     1. Mary; 2. Martha.

3. Jacob married Mary Anne Randolph [m Dec 1 1829 by Cox; Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879, Somerset Co. Quarterly], daughter of David, of Stonehouse Village, and had children; 1. Randolph; 2. Sarah Anne.

4. George, who died at about 6 or 7 years.

5. Silas married, 25th September, 1849, Jemima Shotwell, daughter of Daniel, and by his 2d wife, Mary Mulford, Elias Cole had children.

6. Mulford, who married Emeline D. Shotwell, daughter of Daniel, and had children: 1. Elias; 2. Phebe, born 19th February, 1849.

7. Mary married William Crane, 28th May, 1849, son of Isaac, of Long Hill, and had children: 1. Cornelius.


JAMES COLE, (2d child of William Cole, Sen.) and Elizabeth Frazee, had children:

1. Jemima, who married William Vail, son of Daniel.

2. Rachel married James Clark, of Rahway.

[Rachel Cole m. 24 Dec 1789 James Clark; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

3. Betsey, who died at about 20 years.

4. Dennis (who was a printer by trade) married Catherine Van Deusen, of Newburgh, New-York.

5. David married Mary Miller, daughter of Benjamin Miller, of Scotch Plains.

DENNIS COLE, (son of James,) and Catherine Van Deusen, lived at Scotch Plains, and had children:

1. William, who married _____ , in New-York.

2. Betsey married Elias Frost, son of _____ , of Mine Brook, Somerset County, and died without children.

3. Maria married Mr. Crane, of Newark.

4. Abraham married _____ _____ .

5. Susan married Mr. Stout.


Dennis Cole, Esq., was a member of the Legislature in 1829 and 1830; was a Justice of the Peace, and was much engaged in settling estates as Executor, Administrator, and other public business. He died 10th January, 1844.


DAVID COLE, (5th child of James Cole,) and Mary Miller, had children:

1. James, who married _____ _____ .

2. Charlotte married Abraham Hutchings, son of Abraham Hutchings, of Springfield. He is a grocer of Newark.

3. David married _____ ; lives in Rahway.


JOSEPH COLE, brother of William Cole, Sen., had children:

1. Abraham.

2. Mary, who married Henry Line, son of Henry Line.

3. Sarah married Abraham Williams.

4. Patty married Benjamin, son of the Rev. Benjamin Miller, of Scotch Plains.

5. Jonathan married, 1st, Dorcas Wallen; 2d, _____ , widow of William Elstone.

6. Joseph married, 31st May, 1785, 1st, Jemima Allen, daughter of David, Sen., of Washington Valley; 2d. Catherine Willet, daughter of Jonathan.


JOSEPH COLE, (6th child of Joseph Cole,) had children:

1. Frazee, who married Harriet Vail, daughter of Daniel, Sen.

[Frazee Cole m. 1 Oct 1808 Harriet Vail; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

2. Allen married Sally Badgley, daughter of Joseph, and had no children.

3. Sally married John Osborn, son of Deacon John Osborn Scotch Plains.

4. David married Polly Tucker, daughter of Moses, and had one daughter, Mary.

5. Phebe married Ezra Littell, son of Ebenezer, from Connecticut

6. Amos married Betsey Syland, daughter of Benjamin.

7. Aaron.

8. Isaac, who went to French Creek.


FRAZEE COLE, (son of Joseph,) and Harriet Vail, had children:

1. Mary, who married Job Squier, son of Jonathan, of Rahway, and had children:


    1. Jonathan Squier. 2. Harriet Squier. 3. Anne Squier. 4. Mary Squier. 5. Martha Squier. 6. Frazee Squier. 7. Lizzy Squier. 8. Irene Squier. 9. Jacob Squier. 10. _____ _____ .

2. Jacob, who married Christian Crowel, of Rahway, and had children:

    1. William Squier Cole.

    2. Albert. 3. Harriet.

    4. Edward, who died in infancy.




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