19 Sept 1900-15 Sept 1991

"Ray age 1 + Grandfather Davison, Maryland


Oxford 1908

Albert Vernon Davison was born in 1906 and died in 1910. All I ever could get out of my family was that he died in a terrible farm accident. I got the impression that it was along the lines of someone running him over with a tractor. No one ever spoke of him, except once, when Mom found a photo of him, and all she said was he was her little brother who died young (before she was born). The first child, Eleanor Ruth, was never mentioned. I only found out about her through this research. E.Ruth and Albert are buried in the same grave in Jersey City, I found out JLR

Department of Commerce

Bureau of Navigation


Radio Operator, Commercial, First Class


Raymond L. Davison

"Crowd of people on dock in Jackson..

welcome SSLenape Nov 4 1924

S/S Sagua April 6th 1920to May 1920

S/S Goree May 19th 1920 to June 30 1920

S/S Mohawk July 23rd 1920 to 1921

S/S Arapahoe Sept 13th 1921 to Jan 5 1922

S/S Lenape Jan 5 1922 to Mar 7 1922


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