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A friend asked how I found all this. 

I started before there were computers. I knew my grandparents names, and that my great grandfather had a farm in Bel Air, and that they came from Scotland through Ireland. And that I had an (great) Uncle Cal and Aunt Mary, and that’s about it. 

Years ago I found a mention of Roxburg NJ associated with WT Davison. I had been to all the local libraries, there were no Davisons to be found. So I got on the phone and started calling around. I got a nice lady at the County Clerks office, who knew.

Years later, I got interested again, and started calling New Jersey all over. This time I was looking for that cemetery. (Somehow, I had lost the piece of paper with the location.)  I got a nice historian eventually, who said an Eagle Scout who lived down the street from him was in the process of cleaning up the cemetery for his badge, and the wonderful Aran Matthews (he got the badge) gave me the coordinates. I drove down and took photos. By then, the web had caught up, and the internet got me back to Ireland.

Mary Davison's ring

"This is
Aunt Mary's ring;
I wear it as my
wedding ring."



“You are going
to think I am crazy.
I am looking for my ggrandfather’s grave, and all I know is that he’s buried somewhere near Roxburg New Jersey.”

“That’s easy.
He’s buried on
my father’s farm.”

Ella and Elmer are buried: Plot 202D, Grave #1, Secton Elm, Block A. 

Ray and Ruth:

Plot 203D, Graves 1 & 2, Elm Section, Block A. registerd 1966.

"New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey City, NJ, Brother - Albert, and sister Ruth buried there.

Davison family in Roxburg NJ

Here is a more detailed accounting of the Davison family.

I cannot find anything before 1675, when Patrick Davison was born in Ireland. Family history has them coming from Scotland.

Wm Davison

"Dad's Father"

William Thomas Davison

Elizabeth Gardner Davison

"Mother Davison"

Elizabeth Gardner Davison

The above chart is everything I have found on the Davisons, with reference documentation attached. While it makes no sense here, it helps me keep track in my files, and keeps the record honest. I broke out William and Ellizabeth's family, below. JRN


Harmony Pres NJ cemetery
White Cemetery
Robert Davison in White Cemetery



Memory of


who departed this life

December 2? 180?

Aged 40 Year ? Months & 3 Days 


Also MARY wife of 


who departed this life

July 25th 

Aged 73 Years & 9 days

"Aran sent me maps.   'The house house in red is the original Davison house, the house your saw (green) is a house built by one of the kids, I think James maybe? The blue was originally the stable I think.' " JRN

William and Elizabeth Davison
William and Elizabeth Davison
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