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Maud Amelia Sherwood Robinson Robinson

Mom said to me in 2017 that "my father's birthday and Harold's mother's birthday are the same day. Aug 14th". JRN


Also born in 1883:

Coco Chanel and Maurice Utrillo.

14 Aug 1883 Smethwick England

9 Jan 1969 Union New Jersey

Maud Amelia Sherwood Robinson

Stay Tuned

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The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) began in the afternoon of Sunday, August 26, 1883 (with origins as early as May of that year), and peaked in the late morning of Monday, August 27, when over 70% of the island and its surrounding archipelago were destroyed as it collapsed into a caldera. Additional seismic activity was reported to have continued until February 1884, though reports of seismic activity after October 1883 were later dismissed by Rogier Verbeek's investigation into the eruption. The 1883 eruption was one of the deadliest and most destructive volcanic events in recorded history. At least 36,417 deaths are attributed to the eruption and the tsunamis it created. Significant additional effects were also felt around the world in the days and weeks after the volcano's destruction.


the sound the earth made that day was louder than any noise since then.

Krakatoa has absolutely nothing to do with Grandma, except it happened thirteen days after she was born. Eardrums were ruptured 40 miles away it was so loud, and it could be hear 3,0000 miles away. The sound traveled around the world four times. 1883. Yipes.

Maud Robinson
Maud Robinson

Grandma gets married and becomes Maud Amelia Sherwood Robinson Robinson.

Pork Pie Recipe from England

Recipe for Pork Pie.

Grandma's sister lived at the address on the stationery, I always assumed it was Grandma's recipe, but will check handwriting later.

I took to making it in high school, after Grandma died. 

Grandma was yellow for quite a while before she died. Dad said she'd fry bread in fat for breakfast. And that after the War in England, there wasn't much food available. Some lamb, occasionally.

Dad liked Mince Pie better.

Maud Robinson
39 Park Avenue Caldwell NJ

32 Park Avenue, Caldwell. Grandma's house, November 1950

Dinner at Auntie's
dinner at Auntie's
Maud Robinson obit
Mrs. M Robinson obit
Mrs. W. Robinson died
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