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Elmer Davison

born Bath, PA 14 Aug 1865

died 25 Nov 1953

Mom said to me in 2017 that "my father's birthday and Harold's mother's birthday are the same day. Aug 14th". JRN

DAVISON Elmer & Ella_11.jpg
letter to Raymond Lawson Davison
Agricultural and Mechanical Society
Elmer Davison 1920

Elmer had a red smoking jacket that he wore when he smoked a pipe and Daddy used to call him "Lord Calvert". Which until now I thought was random, but knowing Dad I looked it up. Lord Calvert was a title held by a number of men in Maryland, and usually refered to the Baron Baltimore, the one that the city was named after. Oh. Elmer's father's farm was near Baltimore.

Elmer's obit said he had the store for 29 years. Uncle Ray is in this photo, and so this is around 1903. JLR

E. Davison & Bro.
1038 cor 51st St Bayonne

Letter to Elmer from his father.

E. Davison & Bro. I just realized that I do not know which brother it was. Oh boy.
JRN July 2, 2017

Elmer Davison, BelleMead, NJ

231 Woodmont Road Union NJ
Elmer Davison obit
Davison interred Graceland Memorial Park Kenilworth NJ

Elmer Davison  died on his daughter Aileen's birthday (my mother), something I never knew and only learned here, putting this site together. They were stoic, oh boy. (JLR)

Elmer Davison husband of May E.

the Improved Order of Red Men, America's oldest fraternal organization, goes back to 1765 and the Sons of Liberty.

Elmer Davison died 1953
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